University Hospital Of Martinique (UHM,CHU de Martinique)

The University Hospital of Martinique (UHM, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Martinique) is the largest French and English speaking Caribbean University Hospital. The UMH is a more than 1600-beds Institution (680 Medical, 273 Surgical, 100 Obstetrics, 30 ICU beds)
  • Our institution offers several 24-Hours Emergency Services and multiples activities. The UHM is accredited by the French Ministry of Health in order to offer high standard of care
  • Accreditation process included several high level equipments such as scanner/MRI, Nuclear Scintigraphy,Multiples Cathlabs, ICU, ECMO/ECLS, Operating rooms, Dialysis, Hyperbaric Caisson and major Medical or Surgical units as well as all Intensive Care Units

  • About 5600 professionals (300 senior doctors) are involved in patient management for a high quality of care

Patient Rights and Safety

All senior doctors involved in patients’ care are certified following French Ministry of Health and GMC guidelines. They are recognized among the Caribbean Area for their level of excellence and expertise. The entire Medical and Non Medical staff is committed to the best in all patient Care in order to provide a safe, healthy and secured environment. This includes adequate skills, safe and updated practices, modern Technologies, highly secured and restricted blood Transfusion policy.

All patient questions must be answered without notice. Please always fell free to contact your Health Care Team about your treatment and your Health.

Contact us

For urgent request, it is advisable to contact the 24-hours Call Center Service:

International Tel Number:
+596 596 751575

International Fax Number:
+ 596 596 755980

And to follow instructions in the Contact Us box

Heavy medical support with extra fee can be offered with a short notice for retrieval of critically sick patients