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Diagnosis of Cancer

Diagnosis process can be quiet simple or sometimes long and complex, but will start in any case with a complete physical examination
  • All the past history of the patient is useful to know and many questions will be asked
  • Numerous diagnostic tests are available but must be selected step by step in order to get an accurate diagnosis
  • Many tests are needed to determine whether a person has cancer, as others conditions (infection...) are mimicking the symptoms or images of cancer
  • As long as the presence of disease is confirmed, many tools are used to monitor the disease process, and to select the best treatment available
  • Sometimes, testing has to be repeated as the patient's clinical condition has changed or if the overall tests are not fully concordant one with each other
  • Diagnostic procedures for cancer might involve imaging, laboratory tests (blood, urine or other fluids, tumor markers), biopsy, endoscopy, surgery, and genetic testing

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