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Out Patient Department


The Outpatient Department of the UHM is an invaluable service providing a facility for patients to be referred to a specialist consultant.Several examinations are carried out, and many types of tests can be performed if required
  • Blood tests, x-rays, echocardiogram, EKG, CT Scan, MRI...
  • All Results will be discussed with the patient without the need for admitting the patient
  • If however, following consultation, admission to hospital is required it can be arranged directly from the Outpatient Department
  • The OPD is also designed for some ambulatory Care procedures
  • Medical and surgical review following a previous very short In hospital stay
  • The department works with a dedicated specialized staff,  five days a week and some clinics closed only in the evening.
  • Overseas patient can be assessed in our Out Patient Department
  • In order to precise subsequent medical or surgical process through a planned admission pathway
  • Any Out Patient assessment will be charged the same day in Euros
  • Payment can be made by CASH, VISA CARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS

Contact us

For urgent request, it is advisable to contact the 24-hours Call Center Service:

International Tel Number:
+596 596 751575

International Fax Number:
+ 596 596 755980

And to follow instructions in the Contact Us box

Heavy medical support with extra fee can be offered with a short notice for retrieval of critically sick patients