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Infectious diseases and HIV

The Infectious Diseases Department of the University Hospital of Martinique is well established and recognized in the entire Caribbean area. All specialized physicians of the unit provide care to patients with either proven or suspected infections that can be bacterial, viral, fungal, or parasitic in origin. The Department is specialized in many diseases either tropical or not, such as Dengue Fever, HIV, Multi-Drugs Resistant Bacterial Infections, Endocarditis, Fungal infection. The Infectious Diseases Dpt is providing a full support to all the Medical and Surgical teams of the UHM, with dedicated Consultations, whenever indicated. Physicians are conducting some research and Clinical trials in coordination with the French Health System Authorities.The Dept includes an Outpatient Service for Travel advices and Immunizations set-up . The Head of the Dept is Dr Alain CABIE, MD

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