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New Medical and Surgical Hospital Facilities

Located on the main Hospital site (Pierre-Zobda-Quitman) of the University Hospital of Martinique (CHU de Martinique), the new building on construction will provide a 28788 m2 secured and fully equiped environment
  • The new Building will be equipped with multiples earthquake-resistant protections (283 insulators and 36 shock absorbers) which will allow our specialized  medical and surgical teams to keep on work despite any type of severe condition such as a major earthquake. The "nouveau plateau technique" (new technical platform) will include 13 operating rooms, 3 catheters labs including the one dedicated to EP studies and treatment, radiology equipments (CT SCan, MRI) and A/E Dpt. A total of 58 ICU beds and almost 100 beds will be dedicated to Cardiology, Neurology, and Urgent Surgeries in addition to Biology services
  • The overall budget is about 200 millions USD funded by the The French State, The University Hospital of Martinique with the support of the French Agency for development (AFD), The European Union and the Regional Council of Martinique
  • These new technical facilities will be also adapted to coordonate care with the current Adult hospital and the one for mothers and children on whose sites it will be located
  • The roof top of the new building bas been designed to support the new Helistation
  • The construction started in February 2013 should continue till March 2016


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