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The Departement of Obstetrics has a 50-beds capacity, with an Antenatal Unit of 15 beds receiving high-risk pregnancies and a Post-Natal Unit of 35 beds. A Mother-Child unit of 6 beds allows mothers to remain hospitalized with their baby when he needs specialized neonatal care. Around 2200 birth per year take place in our department, with a Caesarean Section Rate of 16%, an Assisted Delivery Rate of 6% and an Episiotomy Rate of less than 10%
  • The vast majority of our rooms are single rooms, with a private bathroom and air conditioning. Two to three midwives are permanently present to care for 25 beds

  • The Departement has a dedicated Antenatal Screening Unit (CPDP, Centre Pluridisciplinaire de Diagnostic Prénatal)
  • The labour ward contains five fully equipped delivery rooms, with ability to monitor fetal well-being at all time during labour, permanent availability of epidural or spinal anesthesia, and the close vicinity of an operating theatre to perform all urgent and planned caesarean sections. Three midwives are present on a 24h basis to manage labouring patients and receive emergencies. A senior obstetrician, a senior neonatologist and a senior anesthetist are present within the unit on a 24h basis as well
  • We also have easy and permanent access to Adult Intensive Care Unit in case of maternal complication and to the Interventional Radiology Unit providing Pelvic Embolization for severe post-partum Haemorrhage
  • Blood products are stored in the delivery ward, enabling a quick availability to transfusion if necessary
  • Neonatal intensive care and obstetrics units share the same building, providing the opportunity for mothers whose neonates require specialized care to remain in close contact with them and even, for the less severe pathologies, to be in the same room, improving the link between the mother and her child, and promoting maternal breastfeeding
  • The presence of a Neonatal and Child Surgical Unit on the same Hospital Site enables us to receive Women with Fetal abnormalities needing early surgical management after birth such as gastroschisis, urethral valves, gut atresia or stenosis, vesicoureteral reflux, club feet and several other visceral or orthopaedic problems

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